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Week 2A Social Media Post

From my personal experience, I have found that Twitter, and Snapchat are geared heavily toward personal use. These organizations have designed social media platforms, for wide range of age demographics to increase user accounts. Facilitating conceptual models, and interchangeable filters, sharing specific content. These platforms are user friendly applications, creating identify so ideas and concepts can be shared, and discussed, on open forum ex: Political and Religious discussions. Business users typical want to utilize tools, and commodities that will grow there company, on global network platform.
Facebook  has established its platform to serve many sectors in the social media realm. Marketplace Division  for Facebook exploded onto the scene few years back. Unveiling, new features which can help startup or established entrepreneur market there products . Perspective buyers, and sellers, can generate sales on billions of products, utilizing a secure site. Many corporate organization…

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Week1A: My Template

I have chosen to use the cutting board template, with array of  ingredients. The custard pie symbolizing the finalized product. This centralized theme, is symbolic to me, because I love to cook and mastermind new recipes. I started cooking when I was about 10 years old. I discover a passion, which has carried over from adolescence into adulthood. Like most new chefs, I began my journey by following the lead of family member, my mom. Together, we would select basic recipes from collection of cookbooks around the house. Being strongly opinionated child, I always wanted to put my own spin on everything we created and deviate from steps. I was taught at early age, that to be successful in anything, you must exhibit discipline. Following directions, exhibiting due diligence to accomplish your goals.

           There are several reasons that cooking has become embedded into my everyday life. The primary reason being, I wanted to know what goes into my food. Understanding how nu…