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Week #9 Blog 1A

Twitter generated a narrow scope of search results, when looking up key words. My initial key word search results for “gyros” didn’t provided local businesses or user accounts. Majority of results were out of state and irrelevant to my keywords search ability. I decided to use the filters to see if I would have better luck optimizing my home location. After selecting local filters and to change location, and exact words to provide more accurate results I was provided with dialed in results. For example; I searched Gyros a broad term, this generated tweets from any user who had used this word on posting, not very accurate. Then I changed the perimeters to narrow the search results to local businesses who sold gyros at their location. My second search criteria was for Greek Food Trucks, this provided some local businesses in San Diego County. I used the advanced search filter to used field exact words, and was provided with many local companies whom, didn’t appear on the first search re…

Week #8 Blog 2A

Visual media postings and blogs will support content for, Niccos Grecko Gryos, establishing effective social media platforms. Luna Grill  is excellent example, how direct product images, and video clips can grow the business. They have established, following 147, and 145 likes, as newly established franchisee in Carlsbad, CA, this is excellent start. The business homepage, offers exclusive content, for visitors whom like the page. In my opinion the profile designers main objectives, are setting standards with unique entrees, and focus on demographics of all customers. Healthy fresh ingredients and clean living is target market. Slogan that they want visitors to remember the slogan Eat Real, Eat Good.The images provided on Facebook capture friends and family enjoying meals together symbolizing connection between customers favorite’s meals, being enjoyed with most important people in life. Since each location has its own Facebook business page, they are work in progress, gaining more fo…

Week #8 Blog 1A

             The phrase “A picture is worth a 1000 words” is precisely the reason that visual concepts capture our minds. We want our social media visitors attention span if only for a brief moment in time. Publishing quality images and videos of my menu items, blogs will be the driving force reaching my target audience. The top 8 Platforms, service many market sectors. I will be targeting  3 of these social media sites to best fit my business needs. As mobile food truck service with have many objectives to meet. Presenting our menu items in professional, and appetizing setting will be critical to attracting eyeballs to view images and read content. The visual networks that correspond well with Niccos Grecko Gyros, are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr. My purpose behind utilizing these platforms is to generate marketability of my product line. I want to ensure I give myself the best opportunity as small business owner, to share photos of gyros, share customer experiences, and offer glimpse…

Week #7 Blog 2A

Blog Post: Post a screenshot of your activity for the posts ahead (located in Activity Log) and explain why you think these posts will engage your audience. To find your scheduled content, go to the top of your page and above your admin panel. Click Edit Page and scroll down to Use Activity Log. Here you can see your upcoming posts and make edits as well.[0]=scheduled_publish_time_ascending

I have created 3 new scheduled postings which will become available at the end of this week March 16, @ 2PM. Each log has specific dynamic, aimed at educating our customers about health benefits of switching to Mediterranean Diet. I have decided to use the Mediterranean Diet pyramid to show how balanced diet and exercise benefit the human body. The bulk of the diet consists of fresh vegetables, and fruit, also consuming water daily as primary beverage. I also included posting from SF Gate Newsletter http://h…

Week #7 Blog 1A

Facebook Featured Likes
Food Network
Daphne's California Greek
Lemons & Olives Greek Food Blog
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
Carlsbad Downtown Farmers Market
Greek Street Food Truck
Food Truck Saturdays

             Niccos Grecko Gyros, has chosen 7 strategic Facebook pages, as favorites to grow my social media business. Locally selection, Carlsbad Farmers Market page stood out first, laying foundation for some grass roots business connections with local vendors. There is potential in future, to setup vendor tent and promote my Gyro Food Truck products and services. I have also decided to connect with the Chamber of Commerce, which I plan to register my business. This resource provides many valuable links, advertising space and community functions. Establishing and executing, successful business model, with quick access to small business public resources to reference. Lemon and Olives Greek Food Blog, is site for Mediterranean pages established to share Greek Cuisine recipes. Sh…

Week #6 Post 1A

Post reach is measurement, of the range of influence published content that is posted on social media sites. This measurement of content is spread across multiple social media platforms. The ultimate goal, is to get as many viewers possible to read the content. There are several tiers, which social media visitors can be classified. Organic postings, paid content, advertising and market ads. When information has be filtered to all users across the social media spectrum. Slang gone “viral” is commonly reported by media sources when specific content is widespread for all users. Post engagement, is measurement of action, taken by users on the posts. For example if you followed a company profile, on Instagram, or liked content on Facebook. Purpose is to engage visitors, with visually stimulating color schematics, and high resolution images, focusing on strategic content, ex: comment boxes, promotions, coupons and newsletters.
Facebook examines these metrics, when identifying products and se…