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Week #13 Blog 2A

Niccos Grecko Gyros, will use several advertising strategies. We will find multiple outlets to get our content across to our site visitors. Keeping content fresh, and relevant for opt in subscribers will keep our potential customers engaged. Focusing on the products, and services, and location map selling, will be at the fore front of our efforts. Facebook offers variety of options to directly target specific marketing and advertising criteria. Friends of connection ads has the ability to promote fan base metrics through the power of likes. Greatest asset available is targeting culmination of social media friends. Driving traffic to my social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with highest quality blogs and content provided. Niccos Gyros mission is to share our home cooked Gyros in family friendly environment.
Engaging our social media guests using post boost, would be effective in sharing Niccos Gryo content. Without this feature less than 10% of my business p…

Week #13 Blog 1A

By Thursday:
Write a blog post discussing:
1.Find 5 businesses similar to yours and study the social advertising they use. In your opinion does their advertising seem effective?
Luna Grill (El Camino Real)
April 22 at 9:29am ·
Happy Earth Day and remember, the little things you do can make a big difference to make our world a more beautiful and "feta" place.
Luna Grill: Short and effective video clips are the primary marketing tool used on FB page. They use clips of customers dinning in franchised location, or enjoying meals in picturesque settings. There slogan Eat Real, Feel Good, is excellent marketing campaign. Setting the table differentiating them, from their competitors. Luna Grill connects with their customers by posting high quality images, showcasing their passion about making delicious Greek Cuisine. They also use strategy of catchy slogan/play on words that they care about future of our planet, with image for example:

Daphne's California Greek
Daphnes Greek CafĂ©: Da…

Week #12 Blog 2A

Research groups on LinkedIn and Google + communities would be excellent resources to help grow the business. As food truck startup my mission is to educate myself and our company. Creating relationships with other food truck owners and building alliances would benefit us by building needed marketing exposure. Google + has many channels to share content and work with professionals who have encountered success and areas of opportunity. As the food truck industry evolves we must continue to grow and develop image that will make our brand logo identifiable. Time is valuable asset, perfecting our craft will makes us more competitive in markets we serve. Implementing policies, and procedures assist in improving productivity for Niccos Gyros.                  Food Truck Entrepreneur is community group, which I have recently joined offering a wealth of content. Food truck nation shares their passion for unique cooking styles, across the USA. Cooking tutorials, promoting products…

Week #12 Blog 1A

Niccos Gyros has lots of opportunity to grow our expanding business. There are 4 key online marketing tools, which will give me a strategic advantage over my competition. As a startup food truck service with a limited budget to adhere, maximizing resource potential to expand our business model. Google Plus offers many options, to form unique identity for Niccos Gyros. I would start by developing, Circles differentiating my friends, from fans of the company. This tool has the distinct ability, to choose who views content posted. As a business model I would want to expand my reach to public following. Building interest from my devoted followers to open doors for in depth conversations. The more interaction that I can share with my guests will enhance trust toward our business relationship. Since we have several areas of interests posted on our newsletter, health fitness, Greek news, promotions and so forth. Joining community would be excellent networking opportunity. Goo…

Week #11 Blog 1A

Niccos Gyros will establish a monthly newsletter for guests who opt in for the service. We will provide this content exclusive for our Facebook followers since that is most widely used social media platform. My goal will be to post Newsletter each month. Sharing variety of categories, and content, which will offer value to our readers. From my research I believe that our consumers will be most receptive to these category fields:
Welcome Email: Share our Family Story, and offer limited time exclusive coupon.
Monthly Promotions: We will have new menu item highlighted each month.
Birthday Month Incentives: Free Gyro on Birthday as newsletter subscriber.
Health and Fitness Blog: Monthly blog and tutorials on healthy lifestyles.
Customer Surveys: Guests have opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and areas of opportunity.
Local Community Events: Listing of local SD venues, Farmers Markets, Street Fairs, Mobile Food Truck Events.
Greece News and Greek Cultural Events: Connecting with …

Week #10 Post 1B

Niccos Gyros will target specific customer bases, for promotions and exclusive offers to generate a buzz around our gyros, and services provided. As new startup we will focus first 6-12 months on warming up our guests. Category #1, incentivize, visitors to explore our site and read our content “About Us”. Promotional signups are warm leads, visitors have requested, to join our email listings, or newsletter subscription to obtain valued content. With this outlet, the goal is to measure the demand,  for our menu items and services. We want to be transparent organization, blogging and posting quality content for potential customers. Welcoming environment  is essential promote discussions forums. Providing advice, and fielding questions in timely manner. Niccos Gyros, will design loyalty program category. Tracking their purchases, making sure to show appreciation to all of our guests. Focusing on Farm to table approach, we want to promote healthy lifestyles. Seasonal options, wi…

Week #10 Post 1A

Human Interests stories, can draw in new audience that you never knew existed. Foundation of trust with potential customer’s, bridges personal relationships for people we know, trust and like. Potential customers want to do business with someone that cares, acts in good faith, and fulfills need. Creating emotional connection between products and services. Having the ability to alter perspective of visitor in a memorable environment. Niccos Gyros goal, is to connect our Mediterranean Gyros, and the Greek cultural lifestyles. Sharing stories, traditions, and recipes connects family, friends, and food. Friendly conversations, make the visitor feel important, our values bring us together. Human interests reflections, tug at the heart strings of all visitors. Creating lifetime memories, for the communities we serve. Human interest stories lift the human spirt, and give people hope for future. Conducting honest business transactions with surprise and delight will generate future sales