Week #13 Blog 1A

By Thursday:

Write a blog post discussing:

1.      Find 5 businesses similar to yours and study the social advertising they use. In your opinion does their advertising seem effective?

Happy Earth Day and remember, the little things you do can make a big difference to make our world a more beautiful and "feta" place.

       Luna Grill: Short and effective video clips are the primary marketing tool used on FB page. They use clips of customers dinning in franchised location, or enjoying meals in picturesque settings. There slogan Eat Real, Feel Good, is excellent marketing campaign. Setting the table differentiating them, from their competitors. Luna Grill connects with their customers by posting high quality images, showcasing their passion about making delicious Greek Cuisine. They also use strategy of catchy slogan/play on words that they care about future of our planet, with image for example:

Daphnes Greek Café: Daphnes California Greek uses catchy headlines with coupons, and short video clips to draw interest to their menu items. This method draws in the budget conscious customer to try out something new. The focus on food is excellent method to differentiate their products from competition.  This limitied time offer created on tax day creates sense of urgency, this is opportunity to generate influx of new business with hopes of creating a following.

Greek Corner Café

Greek Corner Café: This Company uses attractive digital images to draw attention to their menu items. They have also chosen to create short video clips to showcase the love and passion chef has for his craft of cooking Greek Food. Using slow motion fire method to captivate his audience and build following.

Homemade #moussaka
Seafire Restaurant + Bar
Sea Fire Restaurant: Sea Fire uses a similar approach to the other 3 restaurants by posting a short video clip with music of artists who perform at their restaurant. Posting local events and using visually appealing calendar ads to draw appeal to make dinner and a show a priority for the business. Reaching a specific measurable target audience who enjoys night out, offering all in one experience at their establishment. Limited Time offer for Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner was awesome way to advertise to target niche market.

Come celebrate Valentines Day at Seafire Restaurant + Bar with special dinner offers. There will also be live music from 7-10 PM on the patio, with Gregg Smith performing. 
Valentine's Day Special for Two!
$39.95 all day! Your Choice of (2) entrees
1. Salmon with citrus butter, sautéed brussels sprouts and garlic mashed potatoes....

Angelos: Similar to the other 4 restaurants Angelos has choosen to use combination of high quality images and video content to draw followers. Locals in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas who have visited any of there 4 locals know how legendary their menu is. Setting target audience with the baby drooling over the pancake breakfast is smart tactic to pull at the heart strings of its customers. Catchy content and family atmosphere has been the driving force for success. 

Stop by any of our 4 locations and enjoy either original, blueberry, banana or chocolate chip pancakes!!! https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f61/1/16/1f95e.png🥞
See you tomorrow!

           In current society of instant gratification, Social Media Platforms engage customers in a way that traditional marketing has never reached. With the ability to share ads and get the approval of friends, family and followers of a business. Traditional market typically had one exclusive method to reach the masses and that was through TV advertisement. Over the last decade this stumbled significantly, with feature such as DVR and streaming services diminishing the effectiveness. Advertisers need to find new methods to identify with their target markets without being a pushy sales representative. Images and Photos have ability on social media to draw in potential business without speaking a word. Site visitors want to do business with companies that feel like mom and pop stores, that they can trust, not faceless corporations who just want your money. 


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