Week #13 Blog 2A

            Niccos Grecko Gyros, will use several advertising strategies. We will find multiple outlets to get our content across to our site visitors. Keeping content fresh, and relevant for opt in subscribers will keep our potential customers engaged. Focusing on the products, and services, and location map selling, will be at the fore front of our efforts. Facebook offers variety of options to directly target specific marketing and advertising criteria. Friends of connection ads has the ability to promote fan base metrics through the power of likes. Greatest asset available is targeting culmination of social media friends. Driving traffic to my social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with highest quality blogs and content provided. Niccos Gyros mission is to share our home cooked Gyros in family friendly environment.

Engaging our social media guests using post boost, would be effective in sharing Niccos Gryo content. Without this feature less than 10% of my business page fans will see my current postings. Niccos has $1000 budget to begin marketing campaigns, mainly focused on Facebook and Instagram. Banner ads don’t fit my business plan well as effective marketing outlet due to cost, and ability to engage new customers to try our products. Targeting specific market segments by location, interests and purchasing behaviors, birthdays, demographics will be my concentration. These key performance indicator categories, will shine light on where to invest resources for our advertising campaigns. My business will post weekly, to share promotional deals, and share blogs and new menu items. As startup mobile food truck we have limited budget to spend on marketing and advertising strategies. We will focus bulk of content on educating our consumers on the health benefits of eating organic ingredients, and promoting food truck events which we will attend to sell our gyros.
Likeable Social Media, David Kerpen, Chapter 15


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