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Mission Federal is San Diego County, Credit Union which I utilize for banking services. Corporate website is well designed, and ascetically appealing to all customers. What makes Mission Federal unique to other banks, is there hands on approach to customer service, going above and beyond the call of duty. The landing page layout displays well labeled content, and directly connecting products and services. They don’t cram there additional services down your throat by sending spam emails or constantly pressure you to sign up for credit card services. Mission makes processes simple and efficient, to apply for loan services, or paying bills online and making the process seamless. With so many banks in the news publically for all the wrong reason with greed and corruption allegations. Mission’s vision is to take care of the residence of San Diego, with professionalism and dignity. I will always continue to use their banking services in the future. I recommend all of my family, and friends,…

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Penny Juice, @, is company which offers 100% fruit juice concentrate for childcare centers. This organization  has several area of opportunity that they probably should acknowledge. Nutritional content for juice flavors options, is unlisted on launch page. Website states availability 24/7, does that mean the contact phone numbers respond at all hours of night?  Visitors will also encounter content on page that has conflicting messages, stating the business was founded in 2001. Penny Juice claims to have 40 years’ experience in the beverage industry, my question is in what capacity? Clear and concise language for visitors  would explain what they mean by this statement. The webpage really could use continuity to explain to visitors the ordering process breakdown.              Gates and Fences, builds and maintains customized gates and fences to protect home owner’s properties. This site is overwhelming to all visitors, content overload …

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1) Daphne’s California Cuisine
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          Daphnes California Kitchen, has a well put together profile, with current postings and accessible links. All of the links are active and have current postings. Offering postings, and video clips of food dishes. Eclub, signup and feedback links for Daphne’s. With over 23,000 followers, 25K Likes and several community outreach programs they are well established. They have new postings every couple days. Twitter account is also excellent representation on their social media presences. Member May, 2009. With over 34K Followers, and they Follow over 68K accounts. Also promoting several menu options and current promotions to draw customers. Lots of well-done photography of menu items eye appeasing. Inst…

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Before the digital age, connecting with most corporations was daunting task. Consumer disputes, only occurred by 3 different methodologies. Walking into store and speaking with Customer Service Representatives or Manager, calling toll free number, or by writing company through standard mail USPS. If unresolved in store, the company would have to request dispute with corporate level. Phone process was frustrating for many consumers, with prerecorded loop message. This method rarely seemed to connect you with the correct department. Final desperation attempt, customer would mail letter to executive management, and wait weeks and sometimes months for resolution. All three methods, were highly ineffective, when flooded with thousands quandaries every day. In my personal business transaction experiences with corporate powerhouses. Memorable experience that sticks out in my memory. This particular instance occurred, with technology support department, for Comcast Cable Servic…

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From my personal experience, I have found that Twitter, and Snapchat are geared heavily toward personal use. These organizations have designed social media platforms, for wide range of age demographics to increase user accounts. Facilitating conceptual models, and interchangeable filters, sharing specific content. These platforms are user friendly applications, creating identify so ideas and concepts can be shared, and discussed, on open forum ex: Political and Religious discussions. Business users typical want to utilize tools, and commodities that will grow there company, on global network platform.
Facebook  has established its platform to serve many sectors in the social media realm. Marketplace Division  for Facebook exploded onto the scene few years back. Unveiling, new features which can help startup or established entrepreneur market there products . Perspective buyers, and sellers, can generate sales on billions of products, utilizing a secure site. Many corporate organization…