Week #16 Blog 1A

             My social media pages will integrate well with several departments. I will focus my brand recognition on marketing and advertising my brand. Creating a recognizable logo and identity will create emotional attachment to Niccos Gyros. I will primarily use email opt in and social media platforms to share content, photos and video clips to build knowledge about the products which I am offering. Public relations is ongoing daily focus that Niccos Gyros is working diligently to create influential blogs and find creative ways for guests to interact with the company. Building trust and brand recognition should correspond in sales and building value into our brand. We want to engage with as many guests as we can on social media platforms primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will be our primary focus. Addressing all customer service inquiries in prompt and professional manner. We want our customers to feel confident to share their experiences with us. In return our goal is to acknowledge all complaints and requests within a 48 time window.

With this feedback we can use research and development to develop new products and always improve our daily processes conducting transactions from implementation to finalization. We plan to offer surveys on our social media pages and reward our guests with free food and drinks for taking the time and effort to fill out the surveys. Learning our demographics and improving process flow is key element to future success. I believe having editorial calendar to plan when we will post new blogs, coupons and content to share with food truck nation. Google Drive is awesome tool to store information without clogging up tablet PC’s, desktops and Smart Phone capabilities which we will use heavily on a daily basis. As a small company we must focus on our limit budget and maximize those resources to our advantage. Keeping a flexible mindset and adjusting our strategies frequently will be essential to stay relevant and competitive amongst food trucks in Greek food market.


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