Week 15 Post #1A

           Google analytics is a very complicated formulation of specific metrics which are used to help drive traffic to domain name. As a novice I found all of these statistics to be confusing over bearing to my food trucks ability to generate organic traffic. Google optimization has the distinct ability to test all areas of my social media sites testing content such as text. Images and video. These metrics will help me to maximize my search ability in comparison to other businesses in similar marketplace.Data Activation would be useful feature to track my demographics of the customers visiting my food truck. The more I understand about purchasing and inventory control the more on point my service processes will connect.

If you aren’t listed on the first 2 pages on google search your chances of being located on the web diminish quickly.  I believe Google Ad words will optimize my Gyro food truck services by focusing on specific keyword terminology to boost my rankings amongst my competitors online. Google analytics will optimize customer behavior and segmentation data to improve click factor and measure business objectives. Improving functionality and manipulating customer behavior and conversion rates will generate more trust and authenticity to my social media sites.  Since I don’t sell products directly through my Facebook page I am focusing my pages as content based informational sources.


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