Week 17 Wrapping it Up

            During the course of this semester my perception on the different social media user accounts, has completely changed since the first day of semester. When started the class the only social media I had ever used was Facebook to connect with friends and family. My purpose was purely recreational use to share images, content and video clips that had been shared million and one times. I never really put too much thought into the potential of social media and how it can grow your business quickly and efficiently. The analytics that that are available for all social media is amazing how many metrics are closely followed and used to gear business practices in the right direction. Learning how to use these features and benefits offers many paths to grow the business in variety of metrics. 

                For the class I created a fictitious business Niccos Grecko Gyros which was a mobile food truck company that serviced North San Diego County. I created 3 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Each profile I masterminded unique strategy to shape the image of my brand. Facebook business account was used to create followers of Greek enthusiasts, self-reflection, and shared health blogs. As grass roots company, I wanted to build organization that is revolved around providing a fresh organic menu and giving back to the communities in which we service. The more quality content that I provided, the more trust and dedication I built amongst my site visitors. Twitter has created unique experience to share products and services with Tweets and follow guests and organizations in the similar industries. The use of short amount of text and high quality images is great way to engage potential customers and build following by industry leaders and other small businesses. Tumblr was strictly to share high quality images of my menu items and Greek cuisine.

                Networking is key component to operating any successful business and social media has created several vehicles to be global presence. Building strong email list and build referrals from preexisting customers is essential to business growth. Posting content on in a timely and strategic method is the new modern way to advertise and market products and services. TV and print ads in magazines and newspaper are effective way to create brand recognition anymore. Consumers want to conduct business with company that share similar values. Small Mom and Pop establishment that makes you feel like your transactions are making difference in community. Nobody wants to willingly do business with a faceless money grubbing corporate entity that only cares about bumping up their revenue stream and screwing over their employees. 

                Everything in life is about timing, discipline and hard work to reach end goal. Setting objectives and monitoring metrics while surrounding your company with honest hard working employees who care about your mission and values. Trending in right direction sharing ideas and valuing team members. Business is no different than plant it starts with a single seed and dirt. Without water, fertilizer and due diligence the plant will sure wilt and die. The most valuable asset for any business is the face of the organization and that is the employees. When team members are happy they are productive. In turn they will put forth maximum efforts to make sure customer’s needs are meet and will create surprise and delight factor.

Growing as a team and share ideas and concepts for the growth of the company. Successful organizations focus on bring in top talent that all work towards common focus of providing the best service they can. In my personal and professional life my best experiences have come in small group settings or small business entities that care about employee’s ideas and opinions to better serve customers. This class was excellent resource to better understand just how intricate social media decision can be driving the right traffic to platform. This class has been stepping stone toward understanding the basics of working with variety of platforms to create strong following. Understanding the demand in the marketplace and how you will shift potential customers to do business with your company is daily grind and evolving process that is fundamental to survival of the fittest.


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